What is Unzen?

Four seasons of Unzen

Lovely Miyama Kirishima azaleas decorate the spring at Unzen When the trees change into a yellowish green color, the mountain is covered in fantastic pink Miyama Kirishima azaleas, and welcomes in the colorful season of spring. Miyama Kirishima azaleas, also known as “Unzen azaleas”, bloom around the Jigoku area in late April, and in mid to late May at the Nita pass.
Unzen, famous for being a summer resort and getaway since the Meiji era When you can hear the chirping of cicadas in chorus, the region is covered in green, with cool wind blowing. Lesser Emperor dragonflies fly about, and Unzen becomes an oasis. Unzen is a highland at an elevation of 700m, which means that the hot springs town has low temperatures, and making it a famous summer resort and getaway since the Meiji era. The average temperature in August is 21.7 degrees, which is the same temperature as Sapporo in Hokkaido.
The region of Mt. Fugendake and Mt. Myokendake in autumn is like a “sea of autumn leaves” The crimson autumn leaves cover the mountain, and everything seems to be purified and perfectly clear. The fruit of the trees add to the colorfulness, and brings about the climax of the year. Beginning in late October, the mountain begins to change colors from the top, until early November.
“Hana bouro”, winter art created by Unzen's magnificent nature As if they were angels in white garments, the hoarfrost changes the withered scenery into a white mountain. The mystical beauty continues on like an eternal serenity. The hoarfrost, known as "Hana bouro", a rare natural phenomenon, can only be seen when the correct weather conditions are in place. Experience the silvery white colors and light spectacle glisten in the morning sun.