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day trip bath at Unzen

You can enjoy a day trip bath at Unzen hot springs.

Engulfed in Unzen's steam
Your soul relaxed, skin shiny and smooth. Unzen's hot springs, containing sulfur, are effective for treating rheumatism, neuralgia, and dermatosis, as well as being good for staying beautiful.
Bathing peacefully in the hot springs will soothe the fatigue from your travels.
Hot spring that you can enjoy as a day trip
There are one of each traditional communal baths that are enjoyed by the people in this town, including Shin-yu, Furuyu, and Kojigoku. Furthermore, each hotel has elaborate outdoor baths and observatory baths, satisfying hot springs fans.
day trip bath at Unzen

Unzen hot spring hotel Map

Day trip bathing Facilities List

1Unzen Yokayu
Unzen Yoka-yu

There are big and small 100% natural outdoor hot springs in a small forest that you can enjoy while listening to birds chirp.

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2Kojigoku Onsen Kan
Kojigoku Onsen-kan

Behind the KoJigoku hot spring, there is a heart-shaped spring, famous for being a source of gushing love.

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3Unzen Shinyu Onsen Kan
Unzen Shin-yu Onsen-kan

You can enjoy the simple hot spring mood as a traditional bathhouse.

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4Yunosato Onsen Kyodou Yokujyou
Yunosato-Onsen Kyodou-yokujyou

It is located in the back alley of the Unzen hot spring shopping street, and is one of the oldest communal bath facilities at Unzen hot springs.

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5Bessyo Kyodou Yokujyou
Bessyo Kyodou-yokujyou

It is a hidden famous bath that is loved by locals.

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Day trip bathing possible Inn, Tourist home, Hotel List


Tucked deep away by a small, quiet bank on a duck pond. It is a space of relaxation and beauty, with the tastefulness of the Japanese aesthetic dashed with stylishness and luxury.

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2Unzen Iwaki Ryokan
Unzen Iwaki Ryokan

It is located next to Unzen Jigoku, and boasts the only 100% natural hot spring to spring in the premises with plentiful loads of hot water. Please relax and enjoy the outdoor bath.

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3Yuyado Unzen Shinyu
Yuyado Unzen Shinyu

You can enjoy the simple hot spring mood as a traditional bathhouse.

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4Unzen Sky Hotel
Unzen Sky Hotel

Boasting a natural sulfuric overflowing hot spring drawn directly from the source at Unzen Jigoku. Please enjoy after strolling the hot spring mountain of Unzen.

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5Unzen Fukudaya
Unzen Fukudaya

It is a heartwarming inn entirely in a Japanese folk-arts style. Please take a dip in the hot spring, enjoy the Unzen food, and restore your energy for the next day.

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6Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan
Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan

We deliver the spirit of hospitality. Since our founding, we have developed a spirit of hospitality allowing true relaxation.

8Yukai Resort Unzen Toyokan
Yukai Resort Unzen Toyokan

Yukai Resort Unzen Toyokan opened on October 17th, 2018. We welcome our guests with an open-air bath on the top floor that commands a panoramic view of the boundless nature of Unzen, and offer a wide variety of food that will satisfy children and adults alike.

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10Yumei Hotel
Yumei Hotel

As a cheerful, fresh hotel, while keeping tradition, we assist in the making of wonderful memories of our customers' travels.

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11Yumoto Hotel
Yumoto Hotel

We are the first accommodation facility in Unzen, as the Yumori Inn. We have enjoyed continued support for our nearly 300 years.

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The milky white water gushing from the spring source of Kojigoku is known as the water of beautiful skin, and is also believed to be beneficial for neuralgia and sensitivity to cold. The rooms are barrier-free with steps removed, mainly in the Japanese-style.

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13Minsyuku Marutoya
Minsyuku Marutoya

Founded in 1804, we are a long-established inn, at Kojigoku hot springs, carved into the south side of the lush, green Unzen. We boast Unzen's finest murky hot spring, drawn directly from the source to our overflowing bath, and you can enjoy the milky white bath as much as you wish.

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