See, Play, and enjoy Unzen

Unzen has been popular among foreigners as a summer retreat for over a century

Unzen hot springs became known as a summer retreat among foreign tourists in 1889, when the North China Daily News, issued in Shanghai, published an introductory article on Unzen hot springs. Since then, the number of foreign families who spend the summer at Unzen as a summer retreat have increased. As Unzen hot springs became more famous overseas, for westerners stationed in Shanghai, it became the resort and summer retreat destination of choice.
Afterward, as the Shanghai-Nagasaki sea route was opened, the number of visiting foreign tourists increased, and over the summer, visitors stayed from between 2 weeks to a month at Unzen.
During their stay, they hiked the mountains of Unzen, enjoyed ballroom dancing, and at night, rinsed off in the hot springs. Furthermore, in 1913, golf courses and tennis courts were developed, providing even more options for entertainment.

  • Lots to see at Unzen

    Beginning with the Unzen Jigoku, Unzen's most famous tourist attraction, there are lots of spots to enjoy nature, such as the Nitta pass ropeway. See, play, and enjoy Unzen and it's abundant nature!

  • Unzen hot springs town's mainspot! Unzen Jigoku
  • Enjoy the four seasons and the magnificent nature! Nita pass ropeway
  • Historical course with over a century of history, Unzen Golf Course
  • Enjoy camping and boating by the lakeside! Shirakumo pond
  • Reputable for easing fatigue just by dipping your feet, foot bath square

recommended by the proprietress. Enjoy Unzen with the model course.

We have a course perfect for enjoying with friends. We'll introduce the Unzen model course, recommended by the proprietress herself!

The Unzen mountain information center
The Unzen mountain information center

At the mountain information center, you can learn about Unzen's history and nature. First off, come here to learn about Unzen!

Unzen Jigoku
Unzen Jigoku

The main spot of Unzen is the “Jigoku,” with billowing steam and rocks. Also the stage for Christian martyrdom, and home to the Machiko iwa, made famous in “Kimi no Na wa”.

The hot springs egg

It's also nice to spend a moment with the hot springs egg lady.

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Arrow Foot bath square
It's also nice to spend a moment barefooted! Foot bath square

By dipping your feet in the water, this marvelous foot bath improves your bloodstream, easing fatigue in your feet, but also stiff necks as well. It's also nice to communicate with the locals and other travelers, too.

Unzen Day trip
Unzen Day trip

Finally, the hot springs. There are also reasonable communal bathhouses that you can enjoy as a day trip.

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For accommodation, relax and ease your travel fatigue at Unzen's inns and hotels.

All inns welcome you with cuisines to match the four season, and boast baths with plenty of water.

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