Unzen Golf Course

Historical course opened over 100 years ago

Japan's oldest public course

Unzen Golf Course opened in 1913, and is the oldest public course in Japan, and second oldest golf course after the Kobe Golf Club, which opened in 1903.
Moreover, Unzen has been designated as Japan's first national park in 1934, and the golf course has been popular among people both in and out of Japan as the national park's main facility.

Japan's oldest public course

Historical course, integrated with nature

The course is a hilly course at an elevation of 750m, and at the time of its construction, there were no machines. This historical, hand-made course, integrated with nature, has small undulations on the fairway.
There is also an authentic short 9 hole course as well. Only 3 minutes by car from the hot springs town, it is especially cool in the summertime, and can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons while appreciating nature.

Historical course, integrated with nature
Unzen Golf Course

Japan's oldest public course with over a century of history and magnificent nature.
Located within Unzen national park, the current house was built in 1995 as a 2 story, reinforced concrete building with a total floor area of approximately 2000m2.
From the restaurant on the 2nd floor, you can see Mt. Myokendake, and it's changing scenery throughout the four seasons.

8:00~18:00(April to October)
8:00~17:00(November to March)
Regular holiday
Poor weather conditions. For details, please contact.
548 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen-city, Nagasaki, Japan 854-0621