Minsyuku Marutoya

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Established in 1804. A long-established inn located in Kojigoku, on the south side of lush Unzen.
We believe in local production for local consumption, and our dishes using local fish and vegetables receive rave reviews! We use the “Tsuyahime” brand for rice. Our seafood uses fresh fish caught from the Ariake sea. Our vegetables are also from the Peninsula.

Minsyuku Marutoya
  • Minsyuku Marutoya
  • Minsyuku Marutoya
  • Minsyuku Marutoya

Guidance of the Room

Guest room

1 night 2 meals 1 ¥6,500~ (Elementary school or below ¥4,500~)
*Please consult us for consecutive stay prices, etc.
Rest (Day trip, private room use)
10:00~16:00 1 person ¥1,000-

Guidance of the Hot spring

Hot spring

Smooth milky white sulfur spring.
Overflowing bath drawn from the Unzen Kojigoku is available year-round.

Facility information

Detailed information

Address467 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen-city, Nagasaki, Japan 854-0621
Check in15:00
Check out10:00
Guest room20 Japanese Rooms
Official homepage-

Hot spring information

Source spring nameUnzen hot spring
Spring qualitySimple Sulfuric spring(hydrogen sulfide)(hypotonicity -―Mild acidity―high hot spring)
EfficacyNeuralgia Muscle pain Frozen shoulder Stiffness of the joints women's diseases
Cold constitution Dermatitis Heat rash Stomach pain Fatigue recovery  etc.
Outdoor BathIt is
Other bath facilitiesLarge bath

Day trip bathing

ChargeAdult: ¥300- Children: ¥150-(Infants and children in elementary school and under free of charge)
MailInquiry by the email to Minsyuku Marutoya