Sudomari no yado Mori no ie

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Lodging made especially for stays not including meals.
Wi-Fi available

Sudomari no yado Mori no ie

Guidance of the Room

Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms

5 rooms: (2 person room), beds
We do not provide meals.
There are restaurants in the hot springs town, so please eat while you are exploring the hot springs town.
There are also restaurants that have delivery.

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Detailed information

Address380 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen-city, Nagasaki, Japan 854-0621
Check in16:00
Check out10:00(Fluctuating prices depending on staying period)
Guest room5 rooms (two-person rooms)
Beds, no hot spring (all rooms equipped with a bathroom and toilet)
[For 2 persons in one room] One person ¥2,500- (Tax not included)
[1 person to a room] ¥3,000- (Tax not included)
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Wi-FiAll hotels have Wi-Fi available
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