Unzen Kanko Hotel

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Founded in 1935, we are the only classic hotel in Kyushu.
Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a huge open staircase. With the lounge and all other areas of the hotel given a feeling of weight by the beams used in its construction, and the quality of the polished banisters and columns, you’re sure to feel the breath of a colorful era. Spend a moment here to let the waters of the hot spring wash away the fatigue of your journey... Relax and feel at home.

Unzen Kanko Hotel

Guidance of the Room

Guest room
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  • Guest room
  • Guest room
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  • Guest room

While preserving the unique exterior, as well as details such as doors, beams, lighting, and interior, we have renewed the bed and bath furniture to enhance the comfort of the rooms. The newly-added William Morris wallpaper and clawfoot bathtubs create an elegant atmosphere coexisting with the sparse aesthetic of a mountain inn.

Guidance of the Hot spring

Hot spring
  • Hot spring
  • Hot spring
  • Hot spring
  • Hot spring

Our hotel uses the steamy hot water of the Unzen Jigoku. We directly import the naturally flowing hot spring water into the hotel.
Since out foundation, we have greeted guests with fresh water each day. Unchanged since those days, we offer the same smooth and soothing Unzen spring water. The blessing of these droplets of water will warm your body and heart.

Guidance of the Meal

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  • Meal
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  • Meal

To satisfy the preferences and generational needs of our guests, we constantly experiment with new tastes. Local ingredients are selected stringently. French cuisine featuring Nagasaki’s unique culture of “Wakaran”, as well as Japanese cuisine with season ingredients are all on the menu.

Facility information

Detailed information

Address320 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen-city, Nagasaki, Japan 845-0621
Check in14:00
Check out11:00
Guest room39 rooms
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Wi-FiAll hotels have Wi-Fi available

Hot spring information

Source spring nameUnzen Hot Springs
Spring qualityacidity, Ferruginous-sulfur-containing - aluminum - sulfate spring(hypotonicity - acidity - high hot spring pH value 2.0)
EfficacyChronic skin disease、Chronic women's diseases、Chronic digestive disease、Diabetes、Neuralgia、Arthralgia、Bruises、 Cuts、Motor paralysis、Hemorrhoids
Outdoor BathIt is(Available to men and women, Switching by time, Private rental unavailable)
Other bath facilitiesIt is(Conditions may apply)

Day trip bathing

Charge Adult: ¥1,100- Children: ¥1,100-
Young children: Free of charge
(Bathing only is not available)
Remarks Available if having lunch

Credit card

Available credit card Amex, Visa, Master, JCB, Diners
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